It’s a circle of life – As babies, we have our parents to take care of us. As teenagers, we have friends for new ways of caregiving. As we grow, we have our partner to take us on a new journey of self-love. As our parents grow old we are the ones to take care of their well-being. Roles and responsibilities change but what stays constant is one’s well-being.

WellBeing – Your Own Doing

Well-being is not related to age or health. It’s a feeling from within. A positive mindset and strong willingness can elevate your inner self like an oasis in a desert.  

Senior members often face losses in the quality of their lives. There is more to them than just their medical and physical needs. We must also pay attention to their mental and emotional needs to help them grow, feel positive and live a fun-filled life.

Well Being Tips- Treasures Of Life

1. A Little Care A Day Keeps Depression Away  

Seniors with a maximum age of 65+ are affected by depression. The causes are several- from losing a spouse, to be separated from children to retirement. Additionally, medical issues trigger a sense of weakness and loss of hope too. Keep the doctor on board for all signs of depression. Be the ray of light for them, let them see the good in everything, practice gratitude, and be positive.

2.  We Need Them As Much As They Need Us

 Every single person, no matter their age wants to be needed. Find ways to make them feel useful. Their work and what they do, matter. Motivate them. Let them inspire us. They are a wealth of knowledge and experience and expertise.

Don’t let them feel like a burden, it’s a blessing that we have them. When a positive attitude surrounds them, they will feel like a contributing member of the household and will be willing to help – leading straight towards their mental well-being.

3. Walk With The One Who Taught You How To Walk

A walk, an errand, a swim, a run, a dance- any physical activity, encourage them to do it. Even a few moments of joy and clapping hands can stimulate blood flow, relieve stress and anxiety, and boost heart health. Such minor everyday activities can lead to their well-being by giving them quality sleep, build stamina, and bring down depression.

4. Let Their Brain Believe That All Is Well 

Their Brain is their gym. Let them practice activities to retain and improve cognitive functions such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, reading, writing, and storytelling. These are never-ending wonderful activities to keep the mind sharp and engaged, leading to a healthy and active mental well-being.

5. Keep Them Surrounded By Things They Love

Seniors often become isolated and lonely, especially if they are unable to perform any particular activity or have mobility issues. These seniors are at a greater risk for dementia leading to shorter life spans. Don’t let the gardener himself ruin the garden, rather help them grow and be surrounded by the wonder of humanity. It would be wonderful if the aging senior can stay connected to family, friends, and community. With the love and warmth of their kin, their well-being blooms.

If not their family, then let them be surrounded by like-minded people found at senior citizen homes. Like many countries, India too has started believing in independent senior living communities that play a huge role in seniors well- being.

With the above treasures to approach, any senior’s well-being can be strengthened with unconditional positivity, empathy, and warmth. When this happens, you won’t need to look for tips for well-being, you will have it in you –  ready to be poured out.

 At Nulife – senior resort living in India (with international standards) at Kamshet near Lonavala, we take into consideration all ways to keep their well-being in check. Here they have nothing to worry about. The safety and wellbeing of our residents are one of the core principles that allow us to deliver care and services with warmth and compassion. ​​​The ongoing support and warmth of a dedicated team of professional staff ensure that our residents are well taken care of. Everything you need can be yours at Nulife.

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