With the new year already begun whether you’ve just bought a home at Gagan Nulife, or if blissfully settled in your second innings and looking for a home that fits you best. Here are 10 ways Nulife adds value to senior living homes in 2022. 

1. Like-Minded community 

Everyone enjoys living in a community that shares the same interest, where you learn from each other and live together in harmony. For seniors, living in their own home alongside their loved ones is always suitable but for those who want to live carefreely and enjoy every day with fellow seniors can choose senior living homes in India such as Gagan Nulife which offers regularly scheduled classes and learning opportunities, celebrate festivals, organize events, and more. 

2. Offers Personal Care Options 

Many senior living homes in India offer all the health benefits of a live-in nurse or caregiver without much expenditure and some even have a 24/7 hospital on the premises. With fully-equipped facilities, it is a much safer environment than living alone in your home to make sure that you have nothing to worry about. Most senior living homes have staff around the clock with trained medical personnel, who can offer immediate assistance. 

3. Guarantees Safety and Security 

Even though you may not require assistance, Nulife offers guaranteed safety and security. We assure you with easy access emergency switches in every room so that we are just one click away. Security and emergency call systems are also installed to make sure you are secure in every corner. 

4. Supports Healthy Senior Living 

From seat yoga to Zumba at Nulife we support our seniors to maintain a healthy living. Here are some workout regimes and outside exercises offered at senior living homes – Yoga classes, Walking clubs, Group wellness classes, Gyms, and more. 

5. Gives Transportation Services 

Travelling is always the main issue to think of when you are old. senior living homes in India like Nulife offers dependable transportation to close shopping regions with an e-kart for internal transport and a shared shuttle with a driver for outside travel. At Nulife we give you a convenient lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about basic traveling. 

6. Physical & Mental Wellbeing 

Apart from being one of the most happening senior living homes in India, soaked in comfort, care, and coolness. At difficult times like the pandemic, we ensured that our residents are safe, healthy, and are in a positive mindset. With extra care, we also ensured that they had their dose of extra fun and entertainment. We recently took a trip to Kondeshwar Temple, and in the past few months, we hosted Gudgudi Comedy Event, Christmas Night, Janmashtami Celebration, Swar Sandhya Event – An evening with melodious Marathi and Hindi Songs, and many more. 

7. Upgraded Lifestyle

As in a senior living home with a resort-like experience every day. High-end senior living homes are equipped with clubhouses, game rooms, health centers, specialized kitchens, gyms, and yoga spaces. These are some of the obvious benefits taken care of at Nulife. 

8. Lovely Location 

Nulife is strategically located at Kamshet, near Lonavla 200 Mtr. off old Mumbai-Pune highway, surrounded by hills giving you a beautiful view from every direction. Residing in a pollution-free environment and pleasant weather throughout the year you will feel as if you are at a destination that surprises you every day. It is well connected to Mumbai (108 kms) and Pune (49 km) by road and rail so that your loved ones can come to see you anytime. Close to Kamshet market & railway station. Kamshet has set to be one of the largest growing property destinations and that is where exactly Nulife is located. 

Add your life to the day and not days to your lives. This is so well said, and true when it comes to how we spend our days here at Nulife – senior living homes. Add more value to the place by being a part of it, we await your arrival. 

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