“One of the dreams on my wishlist is …”

We all have a dream that completes the above line because what is a soul without its dreams? It’s our dreams that motivate us, inspire us, make us achieve the impossible. In the current situation, times are tough but we can overcome it, as long as we are tougher.

Carpe Diem

Seize every day, every moment, and every second. No matter what situation, try not to allow an opportunity to pass by without experiencing it. Try not to let one more day go without feeling the sun on your skin or watching the sky with wonder or moving your body in joy and excitement or watching the tree leaves sway in the breeze. Try not to let one more day pass without feeling happy in your heart and without looking profoundly into the eyes of the one you love. Experience one such life for you at Nulifesenior living homes in India. As a being of this beautiful world, let Nulife be a pillar of strength for you. 

Pillars Of Nulife

Nulife is not just senior living, it is a senior living retreat in India. With international standards of the resort lifestyle, it is thoughtfully situated at Kamshet near Lonavala. Spread over 14 acres of greens, surrounded by mountains, blessed with soothing weather and a pollution-free environment throughout the year, Nulife brings to life a fulfilling and deserving way of living for young and elder seniors.

Our core is to ensure that our residents live their lives with Dignity, Choice, Freedom and Independence in an engaging and fun-filled atmosphere. To achieve this, we have a dedicated and tailored community that has everything a senior can dream of. 

I Dream To Stay In Good Health… 

At Nulife, let all your health care worries be at bay. Be it a headache, joint pain, medical check-up or any chronic disease; with the on-site medical service at Nulife, live life care-free and to the fullest. There is a pharmacy right on the premise. The healthcare facility also has an ICU with trained professionals and  staff.  From periodical preventive health check-ups, weekly physiotherapy sessions to nurse on-call for emergency, we leave no place for you to worry. To make sure you are safe in your home, there are panic alarm emergency response systems attached; when pressed would send someone to help you immediately. 

I Dream to not Step Down For Daily Essentials…

At Nulife, experience freedom from the worry of running a home, looking after maintenance, household chores & other responsibilities. Your convenience and ease are all that we think of. From daily housekeeping service, weekly laundry service, e-kart for internal transport, shutte bust to nearby areas; to an array of maintenance services incorporated in your package; imagine the safety, peace & comfort you will be surrounded with. 

I Dream To Have All My Meals Cooked For Me

To savour tasty meals is always a delight! But to cook every day when you are living your second innings? Maybe not! Worry not, at Nulife we have our dining area that not only gives you a beautiful dining experience along with your community but also serves you with hot and healthy food. Say goodbye to cooking your meals and say hello to having them prepared for you every day. 

I Dream To Feel Safer…

Seniors have to go through non-working lifts, grocery shops far away, non-friendly neighbors and so much more. Day-to-day life can be worrisome, but at Nulife we have gone the extra mile to create a senior-friendly environment that overcomes all physical challenges. With homes of international living standards, we have taken care of everything you might think of. From grab-bars in all washrooms, easy access emergency switch in every home, anti-skid tiles in all rooms and bathrooms, video door phone facility, keyless entry, no-step entries, larger bathrooms, wide doorways & corridors to spacious kitchens, security and emergency call systems and stretcher lift in every building. You name it, we have it.

Everything you ever wished for, anything you ever dreamt of is here. At NulifeBest retirement homes in India

Let us hear your wish. Bring it out, think of it and we will be ready for it. But we can’t be your pillar unless you come here in this warm, friendly, meaningful and caring environment.

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