A growing number of senior citizens are choosing to live in apartments that provide for their needs for security, medical care, company, and independence. Most of us fear old age assuming that we would be lonely and idle by then and would be living a life of dependency. There is a constant worry of personal safety and security and apart from that, there is a sense of being a burden on others. These apprehensions are put to rest by the best retirement homes in India with outstanding services for a hassle-free cared living. 

Senior living homes are common in western countries where the seniors take it as progression of life while in India the concept is gradually finding ground. Thus it providing great opportunities to developers, service & healthcare providers to tap into its potential and take and give the benefit to the changing mindset.

Fortunately, the average life expectancy in India has increased to an average of 63 years for men and women. These individuals with an expectation of a secured, balanced and enriched lifestyle opt for assisted senior living homes. Another substantial factor for the growth of senior living concept is due to an impetus in economy that is creating a new social landscape of independent living in the silver years. Pune, Goa, Bengaluru, Kochi and even smaller towns such as Matheran, Ooty, and Neral, are witnessing the emergence of such projects.

In contrast to the west where the senior living comforts are provided to all equally in India this luxury is limited to certain asset classes. But prolific developers such as Gagan Properties with their projects such as Gagan Nulife Resort residency for seniors have brought about a ground-breaking change in the lifestyle of seniors by bringing in affordability in this sector.

Growing interest of developers

Today seniors are much evolved than before, they are not only identified as a profitable customer segment but also have demands for specific needs and wants which will allow them independence. The growing numbers of seniors today are comparatively more financially stable, well-traveled and socially connected therefore they have planned their retired life with facilities and amenities that provide freedom as well as convenience.

Seniors now consider life after retirement as an opportunity to spend more time with families, pursue hobbies, develop new interests or even continue working or starting a new career. The NULIFE senior living homes of Pune define dynamic lifestyle for seniors through various recreation and leisure facilities meticulously planned just for them in the amenity building called Nucampus which has all modern-day facilities and social amenities for convenient living with intensive care.  

Those seniors who felt their needs were not rightly understood and not met with appropriately were tremendously satisfied Luxury retirement homes India by Gagan Nulife in Pune, where there were provided with infinite reasons to smile and cherish the day. The senior community presents a tremendous opportunity to service providers and entrepreneurs to fulfill their housing needs by addressing their various lifestyle needs.

The Critical Elements

Aging is usually accompanied by various physical and mental ailments. Thus, healthcare considerations must be kept paramount when looking at housing solutions for seniors. It is crucial that health care is considered an acute priority when it comes to the senior’s facilities. It is seen that at Nulife resort residencies services are provided with utmost care and responsibility with the best of professionals from relevant fields. They are entrusted to provide medical services and residential assistance to elder seniors at any hour of the day. Since the aged population faces numerous issues, typical of the sunset years of their lives. The growing sense of insecurity, loneliness, fear of obsolescence within the family is increasing. Needs of the Senior Population physical disability, difficulty to access transport, quality healthcare, and geriatric care, complexity in conducting the daily chores of family life are some of the several issues that the aged often face.

Constraints & Growth

The overall sector growth in our country is slow despite the dire need. Most of the projects are present in Western and Southern regions in and around metro cities and some coming up in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. In a place such as Gagan Nulife in Kamsheth, most seniors come attracted to its offering and amenities. Therefore, while you enjoy the luxuries residents will get plenty of opportunities for making new social connections and make new friends in the best retirement homes in India.

Gagan Nulife cares about your overall health and Happiness offers facilities such as Wellness Center, Fitness Club (gym), Yoga Hall, Meditation Room, Meadow Walk, Puja Garden, Acupressure Lawns and Vegetable Farms. Retirement age becomes a blessing with the most comfortable ambience and extremely thoughtful and well-planned luxuries of Gagan Nulife.

With the breakdown of the traditional concept of families, and with an increase in disposable incomes, the senior community are financially well-equipped want to pursue their interests or dreams post-retirement.

Gagan Nulife provides a unique platform to help seniors rediscover their innate talents, hobbies, and passions. Hobbies like dancing, singing, painting, etc. This is one of the most happy and healthy ways of living lives by engaging in their choice of enjoyable activities which are carefully selected and designed keeping their preferences in mind.

Thus the immediate need for the segment is to strengthen the awareness among the senior populations and for the financial institutions to introduce special schemes for the seniors just like Gagan Nulife to enable them to invest in their abodes of silver years.

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