The seniors of our family play a significant role is enabling us in finding a balance in our lives. We learn a lot from their life experiences and hence we can choose our own path mapping their failures and success. Recent times have proven that adopting an active lifestyle after retirement is very crucial in reducing dependency and rendering self-sufficiency.  

Our country India has 67% of its population in the age group 15-64 years, with most Indians becoming grandparents by the age of 55 and retiring by the age of 60. This is rather early compared to other nations. However, an early start should not be a reason for an early old age. Inheritance of an active lifestyle by living in favorable active environment can eliminate a sedentary life style, hence, delaying the augment of early aging diseases. Living in independent senior living communities can contribute to an active mindset and body which will improve your overall health and will put the apprehensions of early aging to rest. 

Gagan Nulife’s luxury senior living homes are the perfect opportunity for those seniors seeking and inclusive active lifestyle. These homes are designed to add fun to your retirement years by providing tremendous luxurious facilities and involving activities for your mind, body and soul. The luxurious interior and exteriors of this lavish conducive environment, with enriched social and cultural amenities render a fun social life and an active wholesome lifestyle to the seniors. 

It is rightly believed that walking amongst nature has proven to be the most beneficial form of exercise for seniors. Moderate amount of walking, daily, for longer sessions, or shorter sessions of fast walking or stair-walking, are great options for seniors to improve health conditions. At Gagan Nulife seniors are motivated to exercise and rejuvenate physically mentally and spiritually. It has a meditation room, gym, wellness center, yoga halt, puja garden, acupressure lawns, and vegetable farms for the seniors complete physical and mental care.

Since it is known for metabolism to naturally slow with age, regular exercise is necessary to keep body weight under control by burning calories and developing muscle mass. This benefit aging bones and joints from swelling and pain associated with arthritis. It has been witnessed that inheriting an active lifestyle also improves quality of sleep compared to sedentary seniors who tend to have more trouble getting quality rest. Luxury senior living homes such as Gagan Nulife can be instrumental for seniors who wish to remain fit due to its varied amenities. 

Seniors at Gagan Nulife can define their own dynamic lifestyle through various recreation and leisure facilities meticulously planned just for them in the amenity building called Nucampus which has all modern day facilities and social amenities for convenient living with intensive care.  

Gagan Nulife recognizes the tremendous benefits of regular exercise. Hence, seniors involve in the varied activities provided by this paradise for the retired can improve not only their cognitive function but also produce mood-boosters to reduce stress. 

Recent studies prove that by maintaining activity levels seniors can slow the progression of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, as well as lower the risk of vascular dementia in seniors. 

Seniors can stay better focused and allows them to lead a higher-quality life with more energy and better motor skills. 

The social aspects of group fitness activities can also have a positive impact on seniors who have trouble maintaining an active social life. Gagan Nulife which is one of the best luxury retirement homes in India with a humongous property spread over a 1lac sq. ft. area and several community buildings at Kamshet near Lonavala gives plenty of opportunity to its residents for making new likeminded friends while they relax and rejuvenate in the most facilitative environment of the best senior living homes in India.

 Thus, Independent senior living communities such as Gagan Nulife treat their residents with complete healthcare facilities and responsibility within the most holistic environment to give them an active lifestyle to our precious seniors at its convenient best. 

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