Aerobic exercise is a significant part of carrying on with a sound way of life. Running, trekking, swimming, and in any event, having a walk can furnish individuals with a large group of medical advantages that can last their whole lives. Making Aerobics your hobby rather than your workout routine will improve your cardiovascular wellbeing and will help assemble more grounded bones, improve your rest, and even expand your life. 

Aerobics and Aging 

As individuals stride on the path of aging, it is expected for them to encounter illnesses that can completely and partially restrict their capacity to carry on with a normal life. Wellbeing unable to do any movement can make it hard to do day-by-day exercises and errands. While conditions like cardiovascular infection, bone misfortune, and coronary episodes are horrible issues confronting more senior citizens, these can be easily excused by adapting and accepting the power of normal exercise.

We Bet You Know!

There are many sites online that would tell you why you must do exercise, but here we give you a list of benefits of aerobics and convince you –  especially seniors. 

  1. Regular aerobic exercise at a moderate pace can over time lower both heart rate and blood pressure. Isn’t it the answer to all your problems? Having high blood pressure is linked to cardiovascular disease, and is a very common ailment for senior citizens. With daily exercise, all your worries will be at bay. 
  1. Many seniors have been prescribed hypertension medication to control their blood pressure. Why pay when you get it for free? Daily exercise is an effective remedy. In addition, regular exercise can dramatically lower one’s risk of having a heart attack. Heart attacks are often sudden and potentially lethal and are a risk to senior individuals.
  1. High aerobic exercise can increase bone density in women. Many experts say and studies prove that high-intensity aerobic exercise in postmenopausal women ages 50 to 73 increased bone density in the hip by 2.2% over 12 months. As women of that age group are particularly vulnerable to bone loss it can hinder everyday living, and turn daily relaxing activities into dangerous and risky tasks. 
  1. Aerobics also helps with Insomnia. Engaging in regular exercise not only improves sleep quality and length but improves daytime functioning and reduced depressive symptoms. Similarly, one will be able to see improvements in sleep and quality of life. 
  1. It can make people live longer. Yes, you read that right! By lowering the risks of having heart disease and heart attacks, you allow yourself to live a more active lifestyle. With regular exercise, one can actually extend life expectancy by several years. 

Enjoying is the key to Exercise 

The secret behind any exercise is how much you enjoy it.  It could be a 10-minute session of  Brisk walking, jogging or running, Swimming (Best exercise for seniors with knee pain), Cycling or any other sports activity, and Gardening every day. 

New Way Of Life At Nulife

At Nulife – senior living in India, alongside our experienced and dedicated care workers helping elders in managing a healthy weight, strengthening immunity, improving cognitive and brain health, and enhancing the overall quality of living. With our Multispeciality Hospital on the premises, it is easy to consult the kindly available Doctors and Nurses as they help in opting for the best aerobic exercise after assessing the physical condition thoroughly.

One can surely experience a healthy and fit way of life at Nulife – senior citizen homes. Amongst one of the best independent senior living communities in India, Nulife spread more than 14 acres of land of greens, encircled by mountains, favored with the calming climate of Kamshet and the contamination-free climate makes an incredible venture for youthful and senior seniors.

Decades of research and experts in science have proven that consistent exercise can improve significantly every aspect of your life, including its length. The value of living a longer, healthier, stronger, happier life is just 150 minutes of movement per week. What are you waiting for? Put on some sneakers and begin today.

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