With the rapidly changing lifestyle a pattern adapting to one another from different generations is becoming extremely complicated. While there is a constant craving for mental and physical space there is also a fear of loneliness and dependency. It’s only fair that all should have the privilege to choose their life where they feel restful and alive. 

India since ages displayed an extended living culture which recently is changing with the millennial. However, many elders who stayed in joint family as dependent onlookers are now opting for senior living homes in India for their retirement. The fear of gossip in society is now dismissed by the strong will of seniors, who want to live independently and enjoy the golden years of their life. Now the contemplation to whether or not to choose senior citizen homes revolves around myths which should be clarified for seniors to make a prudent choice as per their preference in living. Legends related to luxury senior living are cleared here below showcasing the advantages that they offer

Myth1- Why choose senior assisted living when I have a family who loves me?

Senior citizen homes in no way imply that their families don’t love them or don’t care about them anymore. It is important to know that with growing older, some changes in your body need more love, care, and support just as a baby does. But giving that surplus amount of time and attention sometimes becomes difficult for your family members as they have their jobs to perform. At this point, luxury retirement homes in India are needed bestowing you a happy and comfortable life. 

Myth2- I will get bored living alone with no work to do

There’s nothing to feel bored residing in senior citizen homes as daily workouts are there to keep the elders healthy. You can also join interactive classes such as singing, dancing, painting, etc. to follow your passion. Moreover, sports tournaments, picnic places, sightseeing visits, and many more fun activities are there to socialize and interact with people of your group. 

Myth3- I will become too dependent on staff

In independent senior living communities, you are not always surrounded by staff members. You have the freedom to choose life the way you want. There’s always an option to socialize and pursue your hobbies with people of your same interest, rather than just sitting idle. These homes encourage an active lifestyle through exercise and various other activities, not making you dependent on staff. But in case, if you need any help, they are ready to serve you. 

Myth4- These homes are too expensive

Not opting for luxury senior living on account of financial reasons is not a problem. There are a lot of budget-friendly senior citizen homes in India. The cost of the living typically depends on the location, builder, and level of facilities you prefer. So, look for the best solution!

Myth5- I won’t be able to meet my loved ones frequently 

Best retirement homes in India never refrain you from meeting your friends and family. These homes do offer you independent living but your isolation doesn’t end up getting you distanced from your loved ones. You can go or call them to spend quality time whenever you wish to. Most often, elders meet their family members on weekends.

Such meaningless myths carry no truth especially for luxurious senior citizen homes in India such as Gagan Nulife. These deliver the best chance to live your silver years most amazingly; an active lifestyle in an independent manner.

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