With increasing life expectancy and better medical services, the number of senior citizens in India is increasing rapidly. Studies predict that the percentage of people over 60 years will constitute nearly 20% of the country’s population by 2050. With better mobility and higher quality of life, senior citizens today are looking for the right retirement homes to spend the golden years of their life. 

Luxury old age homes in India such as Gagan Nulife Resort residency for seniors has redefined life and introduced fun in the lifestyle of seniors. A newfound zeal has instantly appeared in those who have visited this place. Paradise is a place where life has absolute blissful happiness, security and yet a thrill for living. Such are the Luxury retirement homes India by Gagan Nulife in Pune, where there are infinite reasons to have and enjoy life to the fullest. Spread over 10 acres of greens, surrounded by mountains, blessed with soothing weather and pollution-free environment throughout the year Nulife fills joy in sunset year of life. The fun-filled environs of Gagan Nulife let its residents enjoy life with Self-respect, Choice, and Liberty.

Gagan Nulife renders the joy of choice

These are 1 bhk, 2 Bbhk homes or row houses with senior-friendly design and assistive technology. Seniors make their choice with regard to their daily routines and lifestyle. There is no compulsive routine or restriction imposed on them thus adding fun to Retirement years.

Spaces to enjoy skills or Learn New ones

Gagan Nulife fills enthusiasm in the retirement years by providing a unique platform to help seniors rediscover their innate talents, hobbies, and passions. In some cases, seniors who always wanted to learn to dance but never did have given themselves a fresh chance to explore dancing. Likewise, for other hobbies like singing, painting, etc. Seniors get a chance to engage in learning and improving various skills.

Residents of senior citizen homes in India especially of Gagan Nulife thus enjoy to the fullest by engaging in their choice of enjoyable activities which are carefully selected and designed keeping their preferences in mind. They can choose from an array of wellness and fitness programs, educational classes, social and cultural outings, games, special entertainment on festivals and much more.

The fun of Social Life

There is plenty of opportunity for making new likeminded friends while you relax and rejuvenate in the most facilitative environment of the best retirement homes in India. Seniors from all walks of life live share and connect together as if revisiting their cherished college days

In the best retirement homes in India such as Gagan Nulife seniors easily make new friends and enjoy their company through facilities such as Wellness Center, Fitness Club (gym), Yoga Hall, Meditation Room, Meadow Walk, Puja Garden, Acupressure Lawns and Vegetable Farms. Retirement age turns into the best age for socializing and having fun in the comfortable ambience of Gagan Nulife.

Adds Fitness and Gentle Care so that you could continue to lifelong fun

Accomplished senior living homes in India such as Gagan Nulife provide complete healthcare facilities. Homecare and Medicinal services to the elderly are provided by trusted professionals only. They conduct regular checkups, cold, and cough, new or chronic illness, in house medical services is available 24hrs a day. Gagan Nulife fills motivation into the retirement age so that they exercise and rejuvenate physically mentally and spiritually. Senior living in India at Gagan Nulife thus is abundant happiness, security.

Gagan Nulife thus, adds fun to your Retirement years by providing tremendous facilities and opportunities to cherish every moment of life. The luxurious interior and exteriors, social and cultural amenities are designed especially to add persistent joy to life.

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