These changing times have witnessed a huge drift in the elderly mindset. The older generation now has a new improved approach to life; they are making wiser choices to secure their later years. Most retired are full of zeal to live a better and more facilitative life than before by relocating themselves in localities conducive to their lifestyle. In such situations, the most viable choice is the senior-friendly retirement homes in India which are profuse with caring and favorable facilities.

Safety and Security measures for Senior Citizens at Gagan Nulife

Luxury senior living communities have well-cared facilities such as trained medical staff who live on the campus and can provide first-aid and immediate medical attention in case of emergencies. Furthermore, they have tie-ups with leading hospitals, where residents can go in for regular medical check-ups and special treatments. Independent senior living communities have the freedom to move around on their own, or they may request the staff to provide them with transport from and to the hospital for their checkups. The Gagan Nulife society is being monitored by trained staff, and you can find CCTV cameras at all vantage points with round-the-clock surveillance. Additionally, all staff is trained to provide emergency first aid. They also offer an emergency response system in each apartment. On-call doctors, ambulances on alert, and 24 x 7 emergency care

Available Facilities

Independent senior living communities are made up of independent living units, it as an apartment complex, designed for seniors. All apartments are self-contained home units with master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, balconies, kitchens, and dining rooms. You are in full control of your apartment, and you have the space to live independently, while the opportunities to mingle and engage with other seniors living in similar residential apartments in the community. Most apartments contain several accessibility features like gentle slopes (no stairs), anti-skid floors, chamfered wall edges, easy-reach light switches, night switches in the bedrooms, grab rails in the bathrooms, an emergency response system, and more.

Spaces to enjoy skills or Learn New ones

Gagan Nulife has designed a lifestyle that fills enthusiasm in the retirement years by providing a unique platform to help seniors rediscover their innate talents, hobbies, and passions. In some cases, seniors who always wanted to learn to dance but never did have given themselves a fresh chance to explore dancing. Likewise, for other hobbies like singing, painting, etc. Seniors get a chance to engage in learning and improving various skills.

Residents of senior citizen homes in India especially of Gagan Nulife thus enjoy to the fullest by engaging in their choice of enjoyable activities which are carefully selected and designed keeping their preferences in mind. They can choose from an array of wellness and fitness programs, educational classes, social and cultural outings, games, special entertainment on festivals, and much more. 

In the best retirement homes in India such as Gagan Nulife seniors easily make new friends and enjoy their company through facilities such as Wellness Center, Fitness Club (gym), Yoga Hall, Meditation Room, Meadow Walk, Puja Garden, Acupressure Lawns, and Vegetable Farms. Retirement age turns into the best age for socializing and having fun in the comfortable ambience of Gagan Nulife. A glimpse into the life of a Senior citizen residing in Gagan will make one realize how life can truly be enriched with the right investments at the right time.

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