Whenever you read or hear anything about retirement homes, half of it is unbelievable and the other half gives you hope. 

As much as retirement homes are breaking the ice, there is a list of things that might sound unreal or insane to normal people but they are very much TRUE. 

Below listed down are Insane (But True) Things About Retirement Communities that you must know. Take it from someone who has their own luxury retirement homes in India.

You Are Free Like A Bird – REALLY! 

At any senior citizen homes, you can experience true independence like never before. Nothing to hold you back, nobody to restrict your choices and everything you wanted to do is right in front of you. From reading all day, waking up at your own time, being a party planner, playing your favorite sport all day, to just living every moment at its best. 

Nulife offers a sophisticated life where we strive to ensure that our residents live their lives with Dignity, Choice, Freedom, and Independence in an engaging and fun-filled atmosphere. To achieve this, proven care and lifestyle programs are tailored to the community and its residents to create a warm, friendly, meaningful, and caring environment.

We Take Care Of Everything meaning EVERYTHING 

At Nulife we understand the limitations seniors have to cope with in their day-to-day life, and we have gone the extra mile to create a senior-friendly environment that addresses physical challenges. Challenges as in staircases, no electricity, house chores, and endless such challenges which are easily handled at homes built to international living standards, Grab bars in all washrooms, Easy access emergency switch in every home, Anti-skid tiles in all rooms and bathrooms, Video door phone facility, Keyless entry, No-step Entries, Larger Bathrooms, Thoughtful Bedroom Design, Wide Doorways & Corridors Spacious Kitchen, Security And Emergency Call Systems, Panic alarm, and Stretcher lift in every building. 

You Don’t Have To Go To The Hospital – MEDICAL CARE COMES TO YOU

Nulife believes in delivering every service with utmost care and responsibility. Our Nucare Program provides residents with the attention and cares they need to live life to the fullest. With a multispeciality hospital on the premises where every staff member provides personalized assistance to each resident based on their unique needs. So whether it is a winter’s cold, routine medical check-up, or a chronic illness, on-site medical services are available round the clock.

All your medical needs have a one-stop destination with a Hospital with ICU facility, Ambulance service, Pharmacy in premises, Security services with CCTV – Trained staff in all departments, Panic alarm emergency response system, Periodical preventive health check-ups, Weekly physiotherapy session, Nurse on call for emergency

You Don’t Grow Old But Grow Young! 

Our prescription for Healthy Aging and a Fuller Life Wellness is at the core of our service commitment which results in healthy aging while enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being of our residents. With numerous things that let them grow like Puja Garden, Hobby Garden,  Vegetable Farm, Nakshatra Garden,  Walking Track, Amphitheatre, Geriatric Fitness Club, Yoga Terrace, Acupressure Lawn, Outdoor Gym and Spa.

Residents of Nulife will discover myriad opportunities to stay physically fit and socially active, maintain emotional and spiritual balance, and feel connected to our community of friends and loved ones.

You Meet Your New Self! 

NULIFE residents define their dynamic lifestyle through various recreation and leisure facilities meticulously planned on the campus. The facilities inspire creativity and care for its residents and constantly create opportunities for intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. At nulife, residents can easily rekindle their favorite pastimes, pamper themselves, connect with families, explore new interests, nurture hobbies and make life-lasting friends.

These are hard to believe but trust us! They are true.

With a residential complex, hospital, library, rejuvenation areas, finest concierge services, and personal services for carefree living, we at Nulife strive to inspire creativity and constantly create opportunities for mental, physical, and social stimulation. Gagan Nulife is the place for living a highly fulfilling and satisfying life. 

There’s no better way to spend your golden years and there is no better place for it than Nulife – senior living in India 

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