In today’s era of technology, the young, and the old, are spending sedentary time while on their gadgets rather than doing physical work. This type of lifestyle is reducing their living ages and making them dependent. This dependency is noticed most in seniors living in India. Therefore, taking a proper diet and nutrition isn’t always enough to have a healthy life. Regular exercise is equally important to have a healthy and longer life.

Since it is proved that, exercise decreases the risks of getting many diseases and increases your chances of staying active and independent. Here are some points on how exercise helps you in keeping your body, physically and mentally, healthy:

Healthier heart

 Regular physical activity improves healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduces unhealthy LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Further, it lowers blood pressure, burns body fat, and lowers blood sugar levels — all of which boost heart health. The common problem of heart attack is also reduced by one-third percent and heart-related diseases can be cured by heart-rehabilitation programs.

Keep your brain sharp.

Exercise maintains blood vessels throughout the body and helps reduce the risk of stroke. According to surveys, it suggests that exercise also prevents Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Control blood sugar levels.

Routine workout boosts sensitivity to insulin and thereby modestly reduces blood sugar levels. This helps people with diabetes better control their disease — and help those at risk for diabetes sidestep this condition. Two-and-a-half hours of brisk walking a week cut downs the risk of diabetes by 30%.

Possibly lower cancer risk. 

The constant drill reduces the risk of certain cancers and boosts immunity. Regular physical activity subtracts the risk of colon cancer by about 24% in men and lung cancer by about 20%. There is no chance of lowering the risk of developing prostate cancer — but once a man is diagnosed, exercise can reduce the chances that it will spread.

Stay strong and self-sufficient

With age, thinning of bones is a general issue.  Regular weight-bearing exercise can delay this bone loss. Everyday walking, playing football, or lifting weights stimulate the growth of new bone retaining weight-loss. It also keeps joint cartilage healthy. Active muscles support joints and lighten the load upon them. Moreover, exercise also restricts knee problems in humans.

It only takes a few basic changes in day-to-day activity to keep you robust. Drinking more water and doing formal exercise daily keeps you stay fit and healthy for a longer time. Regular physical activity provided in Luxury retirement homes in India can enable its residents to live a balanced healthy life. Enjoy one such luxury old age homes in India by Gagan Properties to live a happy healthy long life.

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