Kamshet is popularly known as paradise paragliding. A soothing place with a safe and secure environment attracts people to come and live there. But due to educational institutions, job opportunities or any other reason, many people fail to reside in. It is a wonderful place for elderly people who just want to live their life peacefully. To connect and share their emotions with people around, living happy and healthy.

Kamshet provides all the required things for a senior citizen living homes to enjoy their life at its best. Let’s have a brief summary of the place for an assisted living!


Kamshet is just 45km from the main town of Pune city. A beautiful hill station situated in the Western Ghats of India is well-known for paragliding, a beloved adventure sport of India and the multiple flying schools located in the vicinity. The small but panoramic place is surrounded by the breathtaking greenery which forms a major part of the visitor spots and appears in the list of top10 destinations for the ultimate thrill-seekers.


Two major nearby places of Kamshet are Mumbai and Pune. It is just 45kms away from Pune city and 210 km away from Mumbai. Just a few hour’s drives from either of the cities by private jeeps or cars are the best way to reach the place. Furthermore, Kamshet has a railway station that lies on the Mumbai-Pune railway route.

Adventurous spot

There are numerous adventurous activities to do in Kamshet that makes you fit and healthy. If you are not much of a thrill-seeker then you can enjoy your time rejoicing the natural scenery, fresh air and trek through the small villages laced around this quaint region. The tourist hotspots admire your heart which makes this an ideal place for a family getaway or even a romantic getaway. This is a perfect place for senior living homes in India that comfy them with wonderful life leisure.

Beautiful Sightseeing

There are many waterfalls and tourist hotspots for the visitors to roam around that include Bhairi Caves, Bedse Caves, Pavana Lake, Kondeshwar Temple, and Shinde Wadi Hills. If you have more time in your hand you can probably expand your trip to other hill stations such as Khandala and Lonavala, which are located at short distances from Kamshet.

Therefore, Kamshet comes in the top list of elderly people where they want to spend their remaining life. And for the senior citizens, Gagan properties offer the best retirement homes in India.

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