“S” stands for many things, but at Nulife it stands for Safety. Walk into a safe and secured space crafted for you at Nulife.

A senior living in India, that you can call- home. A home where you are taken care of, well attended to, and are embraced as a part of a big family.

Smart Homes are an empowering agent of wellbeing. Tech-savvy homes have been equipped to oblige seniors with unique requirements. Smart technologies at Nulife is an innovative determined step and a multi-utilitarian commitment to the improvement of more senior lives. 

At Nulife, we have taken care of everything when it comes to your safety.  Modern technologies? At senior citizen homes? Yes have a look, 

CCTV Surveillance 

At Nulife, you are allowed to be carefree because we will always be looking out for you. We provide the best-in-class 24/7 security system. Our security room has people assigned to look after people no matter where they are- lifts, lobbies, gardens, stairways, etc. We always look after you. 

Panic Button 

You are never alone. At Nulife, a panic button is deployed in your washroom so that even if you feel unwell, we are simply a call away. A nurse will reach you in no time and help you in tough times.

Video Intercom 

Be the master of your home, only allow the people you want in. The cameras installed at your door will help you check the person and only then let them in. 

Safety Bands

Your Safety now lies in your own hands. At Nulife, we make sure to give you the best secure life. Safety Bands helps us keep track of you if you are in and out of premises. Through the band, we can track your movements and location helping us to look after you at the same time let you be by yourself and enjoy life.  

With such smart technologies surrounding you at Nulife, who would worry! Spend your day carefree and live a life with absolute safety. 

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