As savvy seniors strike their 50s, many consider abridging their current way of living and pivoting to a maintenance-free lifestyle. 

Are you one of them too? Looking for a senior living but are still dicey to pick one?

Well in India, finding a retirement home that bridges the gap between relaxed living with active, wellness, culinary and social activities is not a dream but is gradually turning into a reality.

With the stigma around senior living communities fading in places like Chennai, Lavasa-Pune, Jaipur, and Bhiwadi, etc the acceptance of luxury old age homes in India has expanded.  Retirement homes are indeed a rising phenomenon with some of the earliest senior living communities spread across places like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. It seems the senior living community is adapting to the shifts and is grabbing the opportunity to indulge in such like-mindedness and endless camaraderie. 

One of the reasons the purpose of early retirement amongst seniors has bloomed is due to urbanization and modernization. For those who are confused by listening to the myths regarding retirement homes, a lot has become clear at the ground level and it is now a beautiful reality. 

The concept of retirement homes has now moved from the stereotypical ‘old age home’ to ‘a home to begin anew’.  By moving into a high occupancy retirement home, seniors have excess freedom for recreation and travel, while also getting needed care and medical support.

You must be wondering are seniors living as the pictures show or are they just too good to be true!!

Well, walk into one of the luxury retirement homes in India dwelled in the heart of Lonavala at Kamshet, Gagan Nulife – Resort Residences for Seniors. We have got your back by bringing you the best senior living in India. Recently, marked with the title of ‘Top Senior Living Project’ by Times Realty Icons 2020. 

 Appealing to both active seniors who desire abundant amenities and social resources as well as those that need part- or full-time care, it’s all covered at Gagan Nulife.

Witness the turn of a new age retirement resort residence that makes way for a new beginning. Wholly dedicated to residential housing for seniors, with necessary services, senior-friendly infrastructure, social liveliness and complete medical support. 

Residents can enjoy a safe and secure living environment with their peers and neighbors with complete peace of mind. Spread across 11 acres of joy and merriment, it becomes your one-stop destination with all the assistance for your health and well-being. Experience one such holistic way of living at Gagan Nulife that for sure redefines retirement communities in India.

As people continue to settle at retirement homes or any senior living communities, the high-rise lifestyle is to become increasingly more alluring to the senior population. Trade in your old life and begin a Nulife as it never goes out of style.

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