Moving into a senior living can raise a lot many tabs in your mind, right from how will I live there to how can I leave all of my family here. From hundred words of mouth and constant perceptions of a ‘senior living in India’. 

Gagan Nulife at Kamshet, Near Lonavala, resort residences for seniors. Graciously built to empower the lifestyle of our residents and assure peace of mind for their families. 

Life is full of surprises, why let them go by being at home. With Nulife have your perfect retirement all planned out. Let’s burst all the myths about senior living today and it can be a home to you. 

Feeling disconnected vs BEING CONNECTED WITH ONESELF 

At Nulife where seniors grow young, it is our privilege to make you feel, young, vibrant and connected. We offer a wide range of activities, including options for engaging in your local community with events and endless celebrations. Maintenance services and transportation services can help you visit loved ones, go grocery shopping and so much more. 

It’s a place for the old and sick vs IT’S A PLACE FOR SENIORS 

Nulife is home to cheerful seniors who talk about desires and dreams. The thought that it’s a senior living where old and inactive people live is like a statement our residents would never believe. Today’s seniors are bold, active, free, and living long and happy life. 

There are two types of senior living – Independent senior living communities are for seniors who want to continue to be healthy and active. Assisted living is for seniors who need lots of assistance. Otherwise, the senior living is surrounded by people just like you—growing young-at-heart. 

Losing Control vs FREEDOM

Free from household obligations, Free from responsibilities, Free from finding something to do. At Nulife the primary focus is to let residents live their lives filled with dignity, choice, freedom, and independence. Whether it’s cooking your meals or going to the dining hall on the premises with fellow friends, decorate your home, take care of your health, coming and going as you please, and letting you be happily independent.  

Living in an “Institution” vs A HOME 

The reality of senior living is very different then what you know. When many senior adults decide to leave their homes for a senior community, all they see is a nursing home in an old dull building with nobody to talk to and no one who cares. But, at Nulife it is your home, painted with your happy moments and surrounded by a huge family that is happy and keeps you happy. You will have planned activities, meals, maintenance and housekeeping, and even new friends.  We seek to cater to the individual passions and interests of each of our residents just like a family knows your favorite food dish we will serve you everything that you love.

Nobody To Care vs NUCARE 

It’s an engaging thought in every senior’s mind that there will be nobody for them at a senior living. No one to take care of them, no one to take them for checkups, no one to give them a hand while climbing down the stairs and the list goes on. A luxury senior living like Nulife offers a NuCare program that provides its residents with utmost attention and care. Every staff member provides personalized assistance to each resident based on their unique needs. So whether it is a winter’s cold, routine medical check-up, or a chronic illness, on-site medical services are available round the clock.

Reading the above points must have you questioning “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”

Well, you have nothing to worry about. With our prescription for healthy aging and fuller life, you will not want to go anywhere else. Experience the best of luxury retirement homes in India with a phase of a new reality. 

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