A lot goes into staying healthy, a proper diet, nutrition, regular exercise, and much more. To stay healthy during COVID 19 pandemic one must not only give attention to physical health but also give attention to mental and social well being. Despite all the difficulties, staying healthy has been procured and prioritized by Gagan Nulife, one of the luxurious independent senior living communities for their residents with resolute services and a healthy lifestyle.

Regular Physical Activities

With the COVID-19 infused lockdown, everyone is staying at home with no means of physical activity.  At times like this, it is necessary for people of all ages and abilities to be as active as possible. For those who are working at home and senior citizens who can’t go for their walk must do 3-4 minutes of light physical activity, such as stretching or yoga. By carrying out a little workout session your muscles and blood circulation tends to improve. 

Regular physical activity benefits your livelihood by reducing high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Apart from that, it also helps from all conditions that can heighten susceptibility to COVID-19. Whereas people are not able to go out, residents of senior citizen homes like Gagan Nulife are experiencing a life of flexibility and fitness with regular physical activity out in the open for proper care of their physical health and well being. 

Healthy Food, Healthy You

Devouring a healthy diet is very vital to keep your immunity fit and fine. With a proper healthy and balanced diet, one can curtail the likelihood of developing other health problems. Avoid eating fried and junk food, savor more nutritious and protein-based food like pulses, eggs, and meats. Whatever we eat and drink impacts on our body’s ability to prevent, fight, and recover from weakness and infections. 

For ensuring healthier and more active lives, senior citizens residing at Gagan Nulife are provided with healthy meals delivered right to their doorstep. Such care and assistance are procured at senior living homes. 

Keep Your Mental Well-Being In Check

Apart from being physically healthy, your mental well being is also a vital requirement. All around the world, countries have introduced complete lockdowns to restrict movement as part of measures to deduct the effects of COVID 19. But, it has taken a turn on the daily routine of the people. 

With new work cycles, lack of employment, virtual classes, and also distanced from family members, friends, and colleagues. The feeling of isolation and detachment is lingering in the air. To adapt this new normal, some might be adaptable but some are particularly vulnerable such as senior citizens. To look after your mental health one can indulge in various creative pursuits and take extra care and attention on their mental well being. Specifically for senior adults, it is necessary to stay in regular contact with their loved ones and families. Have a fixed routine of eating, sleeping, and extracurricular activities. Indulge in dance, music, painting, reading, or any such leisure pursuit that keeps you busy through these times. 

Be robust. Be active. Be healthy. In these tough times, rise above the ordinary and excel your livelihood with senior living homes in India at Gagan Nulife. A luxurious place we call home filled with an evaluated, carefree, and healthy lifestyle for your health and well being. 

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