50 marks the beginning of the ‘golden years’ of the lives of seniors! To begin with, age brings wisdom. By the time those grey strands show up, they’ve had their fair share of experiences. They’ve likely travelled around, hustled their way through life, started a family and made life-changing decisions. All they really want to do is, move away from the crowds and the city’s pollution to somewhere with more nature and less concrete. 

Gone are the days when children were ridiculed for putting their parents into a “home”. Seniors are now opting to optimize the time leading up to and post retirement, and live their best possible years. There has been a positive shift in perception from waiting for or nearing the end to embracing a whole new period in your life- retirement has now become a dream! 

Assisted living provides a community setting for seniors to live the best years of their lives. With recreational, health and utility services in place, seniors can now enjoy care, support and company at their convenience. 

Assisted Living is here to stay and here’s why 

• There has been a shift in perception The stigma that used to be attached to retirement homes is now fading away. Seniors are now actively choosing assisted living and senior living homes as a lifestyle choice. Nuclear families and NRIs are refusing to leave their parents alone and seeking to find the best options for them to seek support, as well as enjoy their time. The best assisted living spaces provide a perfect blend of housing, hospitality, healthcare and leisurely activities. 

. There is an increasing scope in India’s senior living sector With improved healthcare facilities and an increased life expectancy, the senior population in India is booming and will continue to do so. By 2050 we can expect seniors to account for 18% of India’s population. As the market for wholesome living increases, the need of the market is also met by the real estate sector. With market maturity, we can also see an influx of investors, developers, health-care and service providers. 

• Tier-2 cities are flourishing with assisted living amenities Setting up assisted living facilities in Tier-2 cities just nearby to the metros offers increased affordability, larger land parcels to construct age-friendly and extensive infrastructure and makes it economically viable for the buyer as well as the seller. Moreover, the pollution-free, green environment is an ideal setting to live amongst nature and yet have access to the big cities. 

• Assisted living facilities provide wholesome living facilities Assisted living communities provide a range of different amenities for complete physical and mental rejuvenation. 

From healthcare facilities to aid the ailing, to regular medical check-ups at the in-hou medical facilities, to activities and facilities to help seniors pursue or even find a new community activities and encouragement of an active social life, these communities provide convenience so that the seniors as well as their children can be at ease. 

Gagan NuLife is a passion project born out of lustre for life! A cliche is cliche for a reason and we believe age is just a number. We provide youthful living for the young at heart! Our senior living retreat is spread over 14 acres and is located at Kamshet near Lonavala. Flanked among the greens and hills and yet accessible to the cities of Mumbai and Pune, we are located in the arms of nature and yet easily accessible to the big cities. At NuLife we focus on every aspect of senior living- happiness, wellness and social. So embrace your ‘golden age’ with us and live it to the fullest. 

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