We all seek for change, a new life, a new beginning, and now all we have received in the past year is a ‘New Normal’. No, don’t worry we are not here to talk about how we have spent our lockdowns all sitting at home, and who honestly would call that a new beginning?

We are here to talk about how we all did actually come through the unending lockdowns and turned a new leaf called the ‘New Normal’ with knowing the right reasons to live for and a way of life that is the best we could. 

We all have gone through major life transformations be it children, youngsters, adults, and mainly SENIORS! 

A look at how the pandemic has impacted vulnerable communities around the world shows that the elderly are among the worst hit. Given the vulnerability of elderly people living alone, it isn’t surprising that the demand for retirement homes and assisted living facilities is on the rise. 

Why Senior Living?

Well, during the times of the early pandemic, families realized the actual value of family and the wellbeing of its members. How each one is different and has their lifestyle. Due to which youngsters and adults understood work from home is possible too, children understood that one can learn a lot at home and seniors realized that despite owning large properties, a community lifestyle is better suited for hassle-free living where the responsibility about care and lifestyle is the most suited. 

Post-Covid Challenges? Chances to Embrace a New Life 

When the lockdown was announced, we at Nulife took immediate and considerate measures for our resident’s safety and well-being. With no in-person contact with family and social distancing, it was a task to keep them motivated and not let them feel lonely and worried. 

We did create a routine for their safekeeping. We organized doorstep food delivery, celebrated festivals from the safety of our home, and kept them physically and mentally motivated to adapt to this new way of living. It was a challenge, but we at Nulife turned it into a chance to serve our residents with the best we have. 

Medical Health is our Wealth

In the pandemic, many families had hard time caregiving for their parents who needed medical help and nursing. This is why during that time, the family, as well as the seniors, realized the importance of senior assisted living. We at Nulife understand this need for medical care so much that we have our multispeciality hospital on the premises. Medical facilities are perhaps first on the list when people look at assisted living facilities. With daily checkups and an ambulance or a nurse just a call away, makes us an exception and the right choice for you!

Listen up! To all the young people reading – think about your parents and to our beloved seniors- reading themselves! Being in a unique mix of real estate, hospitality and healthcare – senior living in India is a really good opportunity to experience. A home that takes care of you every day and even in a crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about massive shifts in living preferences that will continue to outlive the pandemic then why not live at Nulife?

A luxury senior living retreat of international standards that has exceptional resident service with dedicated and excellent care. Imagine the safety, peace and comfort you find, with Nulife’s array of care-free services, you will have nothing to worry! Here you can pursue your old favorite pastimes or engage in learning new great ones. Our prescription for Healthy Aging and a Fuller Life Wellness is at the core of our service commitment which results in healthy aging while enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being of our residents. Even exciting activities are specifically designed to keep our residents active and socially engaged.

Do you still have doubts on Why Senior Citizen Homes Have Been So Popular Post Covid? You certainly need to experience a life waiting for you at Nulife and all your thoughts would be swayed away with Dignity, Choice, Freedom, and Independence that you always dreamt of. 

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