Gagan NuLife


Mrs. Lalitha Sreenivasan - (Flat no. E3-01)

Lalita Sreenivasan is a writer and has published several articles along with an Ebook. I have lived in different places right from USA, Mumbai to Singapore and Hyderabad. None of these places made me feel so secure and free as NuLife makes me feel. NuLife offers a complete wholesome lifestyle, where all our needs are met. Although I am away from my family, and live alone, I feel very safe and happy here. I know that if I do have an emergency, I will be taken care.

Mr. Dattatray Kulkarni and Mrs. Swati Kulkarni - (Flat no. E1-203)

Gagan Management staff & residents have helped us greatly. Sporty & friendly atmosphere in Gagan Nulife has boosted our morale and also motivated us to enjoy our hobbies. As far as I am concerned, I completed my marathon walk in 15 minutes. Which is a great achievement for a Parkinson patient. I give full credit to Gagan management for running such a supportive community centre. In the complex, a lot of importance is given to the safety & security of the resident. We get medical help even at mid-night. Our daughter is now relaxed and not worried about us.

Mrs. Bela Mandelia - (Flat no. E2-904)

I started my Nulife journey on 26th January 2019. It is way better than what even I imagined. I received a basket full of love and care from all the lovely members and staff. My fingers pause for a moment when I write “staff”. They are not staff, they are our kids. I used to think that all staff here are young boys and girls, how will they understand our requirements and moods? But they proved it that they are the correct choice for us. I am doing everything I wanted to do like playing games basketball, cricket, badminton, shotput, archery etc. We have a Festival team and we are celebrating all festivals. We played “Ramlila” and I have enacted in dramas. What a life!

Mr. Bernard Dsouza & Mrs. Elsy Dsouza - (Flat no. E2-702)

The climate here is much better than Bombay. The oxygen level is pure and pollution free. We have a lot of facilities here -fun games, art and craft, gardening, exercise sessions. The hospital and wellness staff services are very good. Fellow residents are very friendly and social. Community dining food is healthy. I really appreciate the security system 24/7 and the Nulife staff which stay at the community 24/7 are very loving and helpful.

Mrs. Leena Mukadam - (Flat no. E1-406)

During the lockdown, we have been hearing the woes of people all around going through difficulties without domestic help, but we at Nulife, are living a hassle free life with no worries about daily needs. Even during lockdown, arrangements of domestic help are available so we live without any such worries like cleaning the house, washing clothes, cooking food, picking groceries etc. Everything is arranged for us at our doorstep. Even the staff security, housekeeping help, nurses are there to help us around when needed, including transport. It is God’s gift for us to be here at Nulife.

Mr. Prakash Govind Kojrekar -(Flat no. E1-602)

We are staying at Nulife since 2015. The management is excellent & providing all services as promised. Nulife is different, mainly for their commitments. Mr. Alnesh Somji (one of the Directors), ensured that last 2 years, my dialysis would continue at Jupiter hospital and provided complete support. The gesture encouraged me to upgrade myself from 1 BHK to 2 BHK. We feel safe to stay in Nulife, with very capable & courteous security services. In the lockdown situation, the team is taking complete care of us ensuring all essential commodities are supplied. Nulife is a safe & non-epidemic place as compared to other cities.