1. Nulife to provide an exceptional resident service with dedicated, excellent care and Build strong assets in the form of resident and family trust and satisfaction.
  2. Imagine the safety, peace and comfort you find, with Nulife's array of care free services that are incorporated in the overall cost with 15 years of maintenance.
  3. Our residents come from various walks of life with a wealth of creative talents. We love the opportunity to help everyone showcase their talents, pursue your old favourite pastimes or engage in learning new great ones.
  4. Nulife – operated by Sterling CareTM will have our live-in community managerial and wellness staff. Key Staff who are also residents, sharing their lives with the people they serve so selflessly with pride and joy.
  5. Nulife thru Sterling Care provides the latest in proven, best-practice therapies to involve residents as much as possible IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THEIR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND COGNITIVE HEALTH.
  1. A dedicated program director and 24-hour nursing care MAKE FOR A SMOOTH FUNCTIONING OF AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFESTYLE.
  2. We know that a compassionate touch within a safe circle of love GIVES TREMENDOUS JOY TO OUR RESIDENT’S HEARTS AT THIS TIME OF THEIR LIVES.
  3. Our prescription for Healthy Aging and a Fuller Life Wellness is at the core of our service commitment which results in healthy aging while enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being of our residents.
  4. We understand our Indian heritage deeply and offer clearly demarcated Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian meal preparations and restaurant style dining.
  5. A calendar full of exciting activities specifically designed to keep our residents active and socially engaged ensures that their well-being is at the top of our list. All family members are always encouraged to come visit, have meals together or take part in the varied occasions for personal interaction. This we believe is an important aspect of the residents’ mental and emotional health.

Senior Living Communities by SignatureTM are designed, developed and purpose built to meet and exceed expectations for blissful retirement living. Bringing the best in design and program from across the world, SignatureTM communities incorporate local culture, location, climate and traditions whilst meeting strict safety standards. SignatureTM communities are designed for the elderly resident. From the layout to products and materials, every aspect of the physical community is geared to our resident. A marriage of independence associated with home in a beautiful residential like setting with all the required safety features are carefully woven in the community design.


Its their commitment to provide the Highest Quality of Care Services to our Seniors with Responsibility, Compassion, Joy, Pride and Individual Choice.

Sterling CareTM through its well thought and crafted mix of services is designed to address the Overall Wellness of its residents at Nulife through Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, Cultural, Spiritual and Financial needs.